Riding Rice: Just anoter reason why I love going out...

I'm out doing my thing, got my stuff on the walls its opening night. Wine and cheese and my crew all up in the spot, we got like 15 bikes out front of the gallery so it looks extra cool...The night is lovely, talk of art, people diggin on the scene, overall a good time...When all of the sudden my HATER ALARM goes off...
I been peepin this Benny Hill Looking cat all night but I aint really trippin, he's been shadowing a few of my convo's, so I'm like cool he may just be peepin my steeze before he asks about my style, or what I mean by something in my work, you know some serious art shit. Well dude finally musters up the courage to approach me and Busts out with this shit.

So you ride Rice?

What You mean Rice.
(I know what he means but I wanna hear him say it)

Your Bike, its a Rice Burner. You
know a crotch rocket.

So here we go ; I'm out chillin tryin to max and blamo... It's like I got my idiot magnet on high,cuz this kinda shit always happens. Mean while my host must notice the crew begining to corral this unsuspecting weekend "easy rider" mid-life crisis nigga bout to get his ass ruffed up in some ol posh shit real quick. When she rolls over to see whats brewing, by now he is commenting on how he cant do the sport bike thing, when I bust out with "why are you talkin bout what I ride with yo fake ass squidly do wrong Harley with 1017 miles on it, NIGGA" I love callin old white men nigga, it always stuns them. "You cant ride wit me, my homies, or any real ryders so why you frontin?" Then he pulls the usual "no need to get hostile. I was just sayin I dont ride japanese bikes". Now he trying to pull the old this nigger is way to sensitive shit, anyways by now my host has rolled over with a couple of bottles of the good stuff to cool things off, "Boys and their toys" she chimes in and starts pouring the juice (by now this cat is actually starting to notice the crowd encircling him) and gladly takes his cue to exit stage left.

Now I Have rode with all kinds of peeps on all kinds of bikes, and all we had is love for the 2 wheels.
You ride, you cool...

But then you got some suckas (FUCK BOYS thanks Raw Dawg!) who always gotta be cute, when they need to STFU! So the next time you get loose wit ya lips, Remember living out some ol Peter Fonda Fantasy you had since way back, on the weekends dont make you a ryder BEEOTCH!

"No need to get Hostile"