Ambivalent Racism (sexism too...)

What is ambivalent racism- It is the prevailing train of thought in the mainstream that perpetuates attitudes that don't outright say nigger this or nigger that, but they mean it indirectly/directly. Its the get over yourself attitude or the subtle why you so sensitive, usually right after some galactic social faux pas which you happen to be the butt of.
This applies to Mens Magazines especially, you see the written word goes along way towards defining perceptions even in the high testosterone world of mens magazines. I have had the "fortunate" opportunity to review more than my share of mens magazines and while the latest lot favored by lacrosse players all over the US aren't political platforms, they are most definitely social ones. The cropping, cutting and pasting, the clever usage of photomontage with endless captions feed to an attention deficit, male form of thought, and it works. This is cultural programming for the next generation of white thought. The two areas I have noticed the most usage of the "white priviledge" are in the areas of racism and sexism.

Racism- The blurbs, info bleeps, and all the social data that provides content for these magazines are highly critical/satirical of people of color to the extent of extreme racism. The subtle usage of fashion, topless girls, and gadgetry often mask what many write off as good ol social fun.

Sexism- this is another area of even more blatant innuendo. While I am not talking about the direct visual content, I am describing the pretext for the captions that go along with the photo's/scenario's. Case in point Mixed Media Watch pointed out an excellent example of the utilization in a blurb about Pershia White.

What these magazine's create are the notions for the next generation of racist, bigots, sexist albeit well dressed assholes. The ability to create such a control mechanism, a mechanism which exudes the underlying tones of racist and sexist behavior on such a large scale create an environment of validation. The message must be "real" due to the sheer logistical scope of the undertaking and all of the other subsystems (white) which allow for it to thrive, function, and cultivate in the first place.

Its the racism you see on a daily basis
Its world leaders giving out backrubs...

The continued take it easy chill out dude, vibe is extremely dangerous. Its a culling of the mind telling you, its ok to be lesser, non equal, an object, a blurb. I see it all the time, a white person throws out the stooopidest comment IE. Nubian "so like your skin absorbs heat", and then expects an answer (a serious one) to this utterly ridiculous, grossly infantile, plain ass stupid inquiry. Or what about the "Voltron" technique (conflict you crazy!!) where you happen to be in the company of a group of white people and person A, starts going duke lacrosse on your ass and just when you are about to put him in check, these cats go and pull the old "whitey unitey" move and generally frame the situation as 1. being your fault. 2. Just a joke 3. why you so sensitive. 4. being your fault 5. being true. All of which are perpetuated indirectly/directly by magazines like Maxim;

"its no coincidence Spike Lee's highest grossing movie was the one where he stopped beating us over the head with politics"
(maxim august 2006)

Ohh this is waaaay to easy,the coincidence of money in relation to the subjects entertainment value to white people. This blurb while to most white people and many blacks may not appear overly offensive (like we have grades for this shit) is definitely operating within the sphere of ambivalent racism:

Translation- Stop making those Marcus Garvey back to Africa wake the fuck up movies and you might make some money, nigger.

I really like the beating us over the head that was some serious subtle slickness (these niggas aint feeling my double entendre ass). Since when have black folks ever beat anyone one over the head (except themselves, but that's another story) especially white folks in any kind of concerted mass media type scenario like we receive on an on going daily basis? Hell lets keep it way to reel (pun intended) how many white people have been on the receiving end of a Spike Lee bashing? Next time you go to to starbux, hooters, where ever ask your white homies if they seen a Spike Lee joint... and make sure you prepare for the "Voltron" because it will show up no doubt. The average white person has made his opinion of Spike based on trusted sources like Maxim, CNN and all the rest of the "mainstream" machine, which have formulated a method of "bulletizing" condescending cultural notions like the one presented in maxim.

MY Maxim white boy.
I got this "work homie" he's cool likes Hip Hop (thinks EMINEM is the greatest rapper), dresses hip (slightly metro) and rocks the cool slang, and disses the geeky white boys. Now as with everything there are many levels (but really only one) and this is how we engage normally: We share space when it is both mutually advantageous for the other. Social posturing to say the least. So one day he asks if I can hook him up with some MP3's for his IPOD "you know the hot shit", so I make sure I go professor griff on that ass and drop all of my non pop tight ass mental wordz afro dashiki positive black shit on his ass and then I throw in a control measure for the purpose of science.
MP3's include:
Pitch Black-Its all real
Jada Kiss-why
MOS Def- any cut he ever made
KRS One- Old school classic's
and then one or two cuts from Nelly, or the Yin Yang twinz.

So after some of my "best black shit" I wait about a week or so and ask "well how did you like the cuts?" And I immediately see a change of expression on the guys face one that haven't seen before, its him thinking. Yes I have set up the space, and yes this is a loaded question, and you know I am ready to see if this fool is gonna fumble the ball like Reggie bush in the rose bowl (I forgive you reggie). You see right now we are at war------> I am fucking with his space, the cool aloof ambivalence it about to show its head, and this is where you come to realize the problem with blurbs, the shit aint enough info to go to war one on one wit a nigga. The other's present not knowing the content of the music will have to rely on assumption and his use of codes words to begin the battle cry of "Voltron". His reply first off was "I liked the twinz cut, and that Nelly remix was the bomb, but the other stuff was too preachy". So I counter with "which stuff", because I gave you about 25 songs and you only mentioned 2. (not that I have a problem with Nelly or Yin Yang I just like my Rap with a different lets say overall value)

Move number 2---------------> This is how you fuck up the "Voltron" formation. You mean to tell me you weren't feeling the old school BDP? This has never failed to pull out the white cat who; one wanted to trump the Maxim white boy infront of everybody. This gives said individual the space to step in and put the heat on maxim and delays the formation because while its still a black white issue, it is now two white boys battling over the title of "uber cool" thus negating the call for "whitey unitey".

Editorial note: another quick way to disperse BS sans argument is state the obvious: Maxim would always ask me usually/always in the company of others who is the best MC (like this muther fucker know shit) and he would rattle off the usual biggie, nas, jay-z, pac, and eminem. Then he would press me for my list in front of his peers like this was the validation space for him to trump my blackness and further solidify his uber cool foundation. So Id break out my list of

#2 KRS One
#4 MOS Def
#5 Big L
and his instant retort was EM has sold way more records than those cats (In typical maxim fashion), so he has to be the best rapper. and I replied "YES he is the best rapper", which drew some serious stares momentarily, and maxim was like "Ahh you feeling me now" ala malibu's most wanted, when I commented "yup EM is the best White rapper in the world" and walked off. Thats how you fuck a niggers space all up... You marginalize it, sound familiar?

Now I am not going to go into a further psychoanalysis of Maxim but his methods show several instances of cultural appropriation, and then attempts to use this appropriation at the expense of said culture for his own egotistical gain.
This is the essence of ambivalent racism it lies in leveraging particular aspects of our own culture against us as a means to indirectly/directly further the "management of our space" by the manipulator utilizing "accepted mainstream notions" aka previously prepackaged "bulletized" blurbs when convenient.

5 things I don't give 2cents about you liking, doing, have done, wonder etc. about black people.

5. I don't care if you didn't grow up around black people (I didn't grow up around **inserert ethnic group here** and you dont hear me whining about it).
4. I dont give a fuck if your daddy, and mommy were/are racist so fucking what (you wanna cookie?)

3. I dont care if you like black girls, white boys, black boys, white girls, does it really matter, unless you are trying to impress me (which you just fucked up).

2. I dont give a rats ass what you think about greedy athletes, or how much you like Tiger Woods? You dont hear me complaining about Tony Stewart acting a damn fool on the track or kissing Steve Nash's ass to get in with you.

1. I REALLY DONT GIVE A FUCK IF YOU DONT LIKE RAP MUSIC SO GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Like you chastising me personally for all rap music and shit, next mother fucker who randomly just pops up and tosses that shit out they mouth better be ready for the BRICK i'm gonna toss at they ass... I dont like country music and you dont see me abitrarily telling white folks how funny that shit sounds to me or how every damn song sounds the same or cracking on the goofy ass ten gallon hats they rock or how wack Kenny Chesney looks with a tye dye shirt spitting country lyrics out his mouth WTF!

extra credit maxim bullets
I dont care if you think OJ was guilty. I dont make the laws so get over that one too...
I dont care about your political affiliation (all them fools can kiss my ass)
I dont care about------> any of the stupid ass even remotely racist qualifiers you might entertain throwing out of your mouth, keep it real or shut the fuck up. (thank you)

You remember that old crazy ass movie "They Live" where you had to rock the glasses to see the space niggas who was trying to take over the world? That was mad crazy, but the sad thing is, alot (yes i said alot, GET OVER IT) of white folks are practicing some form of ambivalent racism almost everyday and this is why magazines/people like maxim flourish because this is a culturally accepted practice. Better go and put yo Hata Blockers on if you think otherwise. thats enough for sunday,
Class Dismissed.

Ya'll cant see me.