The guide for using bricks as means for expressing dissent: First off you need to know a little something about bricks before you go off launching inanimate objects of dissonance. The more you know about "Bricking" the better you can relay your message. For one"Bricking" is an art, and should be taken seriously. Bricks have played an important part in our civilization, from the Pyramids of Egypt to the urban sprawl we see across our great nation. The laying of the first brick symbolizes the foundation in masonry. So dont sleep, the bricks you "lay" today are the foundation for many tomorrows.
Types of bricks:

Building brick

Structural bricks are for construction. The holes are there to save material and
reduce weight.

Face brick
The solid ones that show. They are available in various colors, sizes and shapes.

Heat resistant; made especially for fireplace or heat-sensitive construction.


For sidewalks, patios, and edging.

Antique or tumbled brick

For instantly achieving the impression of antiquity.

My favorite brick happens to be the Cut paver I like the uneven edges, it adds a bit of style to my message.
The stock number may vary from store to store but here is a look at my favorite model. Notice the contoured edges which provide for a better grip. This is a classy brick and costs a bit more than your garden variety basic brick. This joint lets those who need to be to bricked, know you really mean this shit. Then there is the Danish paver, this is a big brick for a larger person. Notice the wide span of this brick while at the same time maintaining the typical brick lenght and height, again this is considered a specialty brick. Now for the ladies, i know its hard for you to tote a heavy ass brick around in your purse but we do have some alternative bricks to suit your needs. Most pavers and building bricks come is an assortment of shapes and sizes, so for all you style divas there is a brick for you. Bricks even come in shades to match your lipstick for that prime time CNN shot or that AP photo you've been dying to get. Dont let the boys have all the fun!

The basic brick,
the all time staple for dissident behavior. The good thing about the basic brick is its availibility. The basic brick can be found just about everywhere and in large quantities. The basic brick is usually the cheapest brick found in garden centers and is the all time favorite among bricking enthusiasts. When you need to outfit a platoon of "brickers" this is absolutely the most cost effetive method for getting your builders equipped. The good thing about the basic brick is they are so common you dont have to worry about that CSI, bullshit forensics I got your ass now, glow in the dark spray crap you see on tv.

The Brick as a Metaphor: You have to understand the philosophy to truly appreciate the art of bricking. Its not about throwing rocks... Its about building in an abstract manner, with the most common object used for contruction in the history of civilization.

The artist’s problem, then, is to treat a specific ob-ject abstractly; to make it clearly an instance of a form, without resorting to a class of similar objects from which the form underlying their similarity could be abstracted by the logical method of progressive generalization. The first step is usually to make the object unimportant from any other standpoint than that of appearance.
Susanne K. Langer

Brick throwing competion:
The perfect alibi, now you can explain why you and 30 others are carrying an assortment of bricks down the street. "we are going to a brick throwing competion around the corner from the shell gas station to raise awareness for our organization!"

Brick throwing in Politics:
This poster is a fine example of the power of "bricking" brought to us by our Soviet Comrades. I dont know what it says but check out his brick throwing stance this k
id is all over the fundamentals. I think it says "Bricks Away". The brick has long served as "No Non-Sense" message delivery system. When a cat weilds a brick most folks are going to pay attention, some just for the sake of seeing who is about to get "knocked the fuck out". As you can clearly see the brick has played an integral part in expressing dissident behavior throughout civilization. You remember back in high school when they went over early American history and they talked about "stone-ing" fools and then banishing them from the town. Thats just one of the many fine examples of "bricking" in history.

Brick throwing Hall of Fame:
The premier brick throwers in all the world hands down, any Palestinian kid 6 to 18. They have a special school where they break that shit down (the art of brick throwing) to a new science. Notice these two utlizing flat pavers instead of normal bricks from a building window. This gives the thrower a better return on his message than the standard brick. *note this usually requires sometype of preplanning and will definately get you in the papers (tossing bricks out a window is prime time dissonance).

Bricking do's and donts:
Never engage in brick throwing against a tank unless you have been to the Palestinian Brick Throwing Institute for Advanced Studies. This is a special skill and should only be preformed by advanced brick throwers. (*Notice the close proximity required to get a good photo op.)

Never ever get caught throwing a brick unless you are at a sanctioned brick throwing event, first off you will get a serious beat down and do some time. So be cool, and dont get caught. The best way to achieve a good bricking is once again demonstrated by our experts from the BTI; notice how these brickers maintain a tight formation to:

1. Increase the intent of their message.

2. Maintain security (safety in numbers).

Remember to never brick alone
. If you notice all of our Palestinian brickers engage in "group bricking" usually firing in volleys so as to provide an over watch for the thrower,
while others prepare for the next round. While I prefer using my bricks to relay messages to other inanimate objects there have been many instances where bricks have been used as a weapons. While I dont particularly condone this type of "instant messaging" it can be very suscinct in what it realys. Lets just say it elevates the "abstraction" to a whole new level. Also "bricking" should not be performed by underage teens (American Teens) looking for a thrill, this is some serious shit so dont play around, there are thousands of little South African children who will tell you this shit is mad real son.

Well I hope you enjoyed your look into the world of bricknology.Please send in any tibits of info you may come across as it is my goal to open up a North American Branch of the Brick Throwing Institute for those interested in persuing degrees in Bricknology.

A brick is worth a thousand words"