Cross Talk: Shoot the breeze blog style

Even though I am on the go, you know I love to drop in on my peeps! Harold (Ghetto Uprising) always got some good flavors brewing, so if you havent made it over there you really need to. What compelled me to drop it like this is the feeling the vibe, the scenario; three minds dropping science, views, opinions in a virtual barbershop...

Obviously African slavery is one of mankind's most egregious crimes and music and videos are just entertainment. It ain't that deep; but at the same time, it kinda is. Harold Clemens (Ghetto Uprising)

conscious1 said...
It always amazes me when we (black people) get all riled up when YT disrespects us but no one says a cot damn thing when we disrespect ourselves. no one causes more harm daily to sistas than us.

My 2 cents:
Harold, you all on it bro. Its like flipin the script back to the og drop! We can and must do the Critical Race Jont, all day from every angle. I agree with conscious as well BUT, the "space and sheer volume" from YT is eschelons above and contains 98% of the negative energy focused around us. In other words SUPREMACY is Ubiquitous...Its a disease that we must find a cure for, a release from, mentally, physically, and culturally. Fighting the Power is a monumental task and while self awarness is the first step in "transcending" being realistic as to who and what we are truly up against is very important as well.
Far too often do we hear from "our" people that the moment we collectively "get our shit together" is the moment we will begin to prosper. By saying this one would then have to assume that the majority of "our" problems are internal, something we all know to be the exact opposite. We must stop saying things that only reaffirm YT's mind control JEDI bullshit. I am not the problem, I did not create the problem, but I live in the shadows of a galactically fiendish form of oppression which makes "us" think in some way we are partially to blame for this hot ass garbage. Naw YT homie dont roll like that, come correct or dont come at all. AND dont expect me to suck that ass on the way to retribution, self awareness, or respect.
"If you stay ready, you dont have to get ready!"