Opening day hate.... Barry Bonds public enemy number one

are aware of what you're capable of doing."
Eric Young Padres Outfielder

Why is it that in a sport where our numbers have dwindled to such a point where you could count the amount of African Americans on each team with one hand, we still catch flack? Why is it that everytime we excell in any arena (especially sporting) its like you have to be the "Prefect Kneegro". The kneegro who denies he is a negro, or the kneegro who never speaks out on issues beyond the hardwood, the greatest kneegro's are the quiet ones. The ones who dont dance, the ones who dont have tats or wear baggy clothes, the ones who listen to the funky ass comments from the "Press" and respond in proper fashion. Just imagine a stadium full of white people hating on one black man, so resentful, so spiteful, and for the most part, it is because of who and what he is, and what he is capable of doing. America's past time? You better believe it...

Yo Barry keep smacking them
"little white balls" outta the park!