On Location: Crenshaw and Rosecrans

I wanted to drop this a few weeks ago but I didnt wanna seem like I was biting of my peeps over at Uptown Flavor. So I'll break it off now just for you... There aint nothing like rolling with your fam, especially when you come home. All of us at the house like old times, the black family is a beautiful thing. I'll say that one more time:
So while me and my sis are rolling running errands, so mom's (A Phenomenal Woman) can share some of the last moments of my fathers life with out having to worry about the little things like medicine, groceries, dinner (you know the mundane that takes away from the time you have left) She says "We needs to hit my spot". Now most cats know about Roscoe's just from the sheer popularity of many black movies centered around the LA lifestyle, and while I have put a dent in my share of many of the specials, the quality of what you got truly depended on what hood your roscoe's happened to be in. So after a few days of some "real mexican" at least better than what I have been hitting on the norm (cuz some cats dont consider LA mexican to be real mexican food), a few takeout specials from my mom's chinese joint, Sis was like "its time for some chicken and waffles". Its so funny how everyone in the family got they own little spot, you know that spot that says "what you know bout this?" and everyone goes "yeah you right". So the next time you hit LA and you aint too scared to be around black folks, where brothers hustle M&M's fo they church at intersection dividers, and folk (black) from all walks of life come and get some ol' deep fried clog that ass up goodness.
For the true Ghetto Connoisseur, I recommend:
Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken @ Crenshaw&Rosecrans.

All day every day,