Ann "Crack Ho" Coulter... Reality TV gone wild

This is why you (the people who run TV land) need to cool it with the reality TV show shit. Little did we know that Ann AKA "Crack ho" was originally on a pilot reality program where they gave Crack/Meth addicts their "15 minutes of fame". The premise was to give these crack ho's a good dose of outrageous political commentary and some of the finest Columbian on the market, and then just let them go at it...
Needless to say Fox didn't have the nuts to run the show (Pat Robertson didn't agree with the whole drug thing) so they kept "Crack ho" on the DL letting her light up before interviews and appearances hence her "beautiful" emaciated style. We all know a crack ho when we see one (at least where I come from) and for those of you who don't here are a few scouting techniques:

1. A Crack Ho swears she's fine no matter how
jacked up she really is.

You must understand that
"Cocaine is a powerful Thang"

2. A crack ho is gonna be the loudest and
most wilding out fool on the
because she wants everyone else to see how
"fine" she is.

3. A crack ho will do/say/try anything to get your attention. Not only will a crack ho
do this but usually in a very public venue just so she can show everyone...
you guessed it how "fine" she is.

Some quick math:
Halle Berry = Fine

Eva Mendes = Fine
Jessica Simpson = Fine

Ann Coulter = Crack ho

Anybody who thinks this thing is fine is smoking the same shit she is, and you need to beam yo ass back down to earth, or like they say in Hollywood "check into a center for stress related disorders" (see how that even sounds crackish?).

editorial note: The punk ass bitch-o-meter was retitled due to the fact that Ann being a woman under the rules of ghetto vernacular would not be considered a "punk bitch". The proper term when referring to worthless pieces of shit from the female side usually qualify under "stank bitch or stank ho" which ever you prefer.

Yo Ann I got that 50 double up, STANK BEEEOTCH!