Calm like a what?

Calm like a bomb
I be walkin' god like a dog
My narrative fearless
My word war returns to burn
Like Baldwin home from Paris
Steel from a furnace
I was born landless
It's tha native son
Born of Zapata's guns
Stroll through tha shanties
And tha cities remains
Same bodies buried hungry
But with different last names
These vultures rob everything
Leave nothing but chains
Pick a point on tha globe
Yes tha pictures tha same
There's a bank a church a myth and a hearse
A mall and a loan a child dead at birth
There's a widow pig parrot
A rebel to tame
A whitehooded judge
And a syringe and a vein
And tha riot be tha rhyme of tha unheard

Calm like a bomb

This ain't subliminal
Feel tha critical mass approach horizon
Tha pulse of tha condemned
Sound off America's demise
Tha anti-myth rhythm rock shocker
Yes I spit fire
Hope lies in tha smoldering rubble of empires
Back through tha shanties and tha cities remains
Tha same bodies buried hungry
But with different last names
These vultures rob everyone
Leave nothing but chains
Pick a point here at home
And tha picture's tha same
There's a field full of slaves
Some corn and some debit
There's a ditch full of bodies
Tha check for tha rent
There's a tap, tha phone, tha silence of stone
Tha numb black screen
That be feelin' like home
And tha riot be tha rhyme of tha unheard

Calm like a bomb

There's a mass without roofs
A prison to fill
A country's soul that reads post no bills
A strike and a line of cops outside of tha mill
There's a right to obey
And a right to kill
Rage Against the Machine

Just a mental quote, some thoughts that I tote. Seething just below the surface, cat like me got some nervous while others think they know me, wouldnt let you punk bitches show me. shit, I am to legit to quit. When you prop up that mediocre bullshit that I'm quick to rip, bitches like you wanna go on and trip, buts its cool cuz quietly I'm making some new rules as you try to read me, thinking I'ma roll out like Jay-z, ya'll bitches cant phase me. Each and everyday you thinking, you testing my wit, I see you suckas, better get a grip, naw fool dont even trip. Getting mines wonderin why I gotta say "hi to the bad guy", shit dont even fly. As we tussle I beat thee,cuz like my mans "no one can defeat me" I smile leaving you stymied in my wake, like you just got Abdou by jake, been seen the sign across yo chest "watch out I'm a snake". Dont think for one moment my ass is gonna break, bootlick hell naw you can suck my.... And if you think I dont notice I do, stupid ass bitches I'm the one thats playing you. Every now and then I peel back a layer and scare, leave you saying damn didnt know that was in there. So as I walk in your midst, just remember this and you wont go wrong:

Bitch I'm calm like a bomb

2006 Remix fo yo ass!!!

Nerves of Steel