Enough with the public apologies already....

From the power some got
To get a nigger shot
The null and void I avoid I test the paranoid
Never had to be bad My mama raised me mad So what I got is hot I love my life a lot I'm never sad just glad That's why I thank my dad Once they never gave a fuck about What I said Now they listen and they want my head

Public Enemy
"Anti-Nigger Machine"

Plenty of things to say and while this isnt a "Kneegrow crisis support call" for Star Jones lets just say I told you so. This scenario is so scripted, so tired, so damn weak most would think "Niggers" would have stopped falling for this shit, but then again I guess not. I don't even have to get all black bougie, critical race theory, cultural guru, dashiki black fist on that ass for this one. Just goto to the good ol boy hand book for keeping "Niggers" in check: First off give them a little Space- Let'em feel like you are including them: A show with a gang of old white ladies and one black woman (Insert Mammy black stereotype here) . Now how many of you have ever witnessed this scenario outside of TV? This shit is a bootlicking in the making, the equivalent of putting a black person in a scary movie, (the first to go), the classic keep them kneegrows in check, but let me continue...
Second Let them get comfy real comfy- To the point where they do something "out of line". This is usually where you set them up for the okie doke. Most "niggers" want to be accepted so badly want to feel as if we actually think they have
something we wanna see, share, or hear, that they will be blinded by the "opportunity" of being included. As you know most kneegrows are more than ready to show they ass when given the chance: Remember the episode of DR 90210 when they had the "nigger" pussy doctor on? Did you see how he had to show off his fleet of luxury cars or how much his dumb ass spent on his "Armani" suits. This is a Kneegrow who is preparing to "Kneel Before ZOD!!" When a "nigger" starts "showboating" you'll know because he'll start saying and doing things that emphasize his ability to produce money. To most kneegrows money = acceptance, because they equate the ability to buy shit with assimilation? See how stupid they are?
Third When the kneegrow in question is no longer tolerable turn on the ANTI-NIGGER MACHINE-
Pick any arbitrary action of a "nigger" in the comfort zone and
bring it to the forefront. In the case of Star: Her weight loss, who told mammy she could loose some weight and pull a Demi (go get a nice young buck to marry)? Zero in on all of the imperfections she had and target the change, you gotta make the sheep feel like this "nigger" is doing something detrimental to mainstream lifestyle: this is known as the rub because no matter how many "white" people have done the same thing, who said the "niggers" could too? This is also about the same time where most kneegrows are gonna act up because they feel "comfy, accepted, involved" and believe they can fight the power because they "belong here". This is when you work the real stupid nigger jedi pimp shit and feed them the upset the viewers, fans, whomever speel and the only way to make shit right is to apologize...
Fourth Wait for said apology and crank the ANTI-NIGGER MACHINE to the max!!! -While the "nigger" is out doing what he/she thinks is damage control and may save his/hers now more than recognizable piece of the pie, unleash the dogs of war... Everyone within the media spectrum needs to chime in on the "upsetting behavior" or "unruly swagger" or whatever nom du jour, you wanna use for the term "UPITTY NIGGER".
Fifth Get rid of the nigger- Press repeat.

2006 Anti Nigger M
achine recipients:

Cynthia McKinney- Its even more effective when you get other niggers talking shit about the recipient.
Terrell Owens- A nigger doing a commercial with a nekkid white woman? Are you fucking nuts!!!
Ray Nagin-This cat got real lucky, real lucky. Or did he?
Suge Knight- They using his ass for anti nigger machine R and D.
Barry Bonds- This is America's pastime...
Reggie Bush- Yo kid they tried to put the ACKRITE on you before you even made some dough!
Allen Iverson-Allen been on the radar for quite some time but it is now time to turn up the volume. No Olympics for your cornrows this time.
Michael Jackson-He aint the king of shit now!
LIL Kim- Dont let them old navy commercials and a boob job goto your head!
Charles Taylor- Our international recipient

Past winners: Puffy Daddy, Michael Jordan, Colin Powell, Diana Ross, OJ (he is in the Hall of fame), Dwight Gooden, Martha Stewart

On the Horizon?
Oprah, Jay-Z, Condoleeza Rice, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks
, Wesley Snipes, ANY BLACK ATHLETE, Bono (he trying really hard to feel the heat).

Anti Nigger Machine SPAM BLOCKERS!!!
Kofi Anan, Dave Chapelle, Harry Belafonte

Black people: Stop following the same ol roads to the same old destinations. The need to assimilate is being used as a weapon AGAINST US. Why should you have to apologize for shit? If I see another "kneegrow" apologizing on TV I am going to jackslap said "kneegrow" 27 times for flinching. Stand the fuck up, be accountable but staunch in believing in what it is that YOU DO. All you players out there know this is called recognizing game. Or is this what you loose on your way to the bootlick?

White people: You need to realize machinations used to control you as well. The Anti Nigger Machine can be used on you too, just ask Britney Spears. Its ok to be white trash, but when you start acting up, marrying wanna be wiggers (with black baby momma drama), you can get a taste too. Hence the public apologies, and butt naked magazine covers, and all of the other oft used tactics of the Anti Nigger Machine.
Peep game fool...
That's good enough for Sunday,