Tactical notes #1: ReCognize Formations

ReCognize Formations, I am Fig. 2 not Fig. 1, while the perception and condition of leading is alluring this fact is I am not "important". I am not the symbol, my thoughts, my words are not to be marveled upon. They are better served when they are used. Steal, copy, desseminate, and post in the widest possible method. That is your "Copyright", if you understand anything about wealth you will understand what it is I am "authorizing" you to do, and that is creating environments, moving space. A movement is about immanence and the particular qualia I am refering to is purpose, the sheer ubiquity of purpose. This is all men, not one, So as you study formations understand the importance of breadth, and the functionality of span. This is gradute level in the ART of WAR practice. A true king walks amongst his peoples.

Quick note on span: The amplification of the message seen in figure 1 is what is commonly know as charisma. The Power of the message is amplified for the leader by the space he occuppies, he is ahead, he is alone, and we follow him. Until the leader is stricken, and by the means of that very same span, we separate thus allowing our leaders to fall. Its all about the space baby...

Class dismissed.