Thinking Positive: Asset Based Thinking

I hit up on this book before, but the thoughts to action process has been on my mind as of late, so bear with me. I know many of the themes discussed in the book are nothing new and self help books are plentiful I just wanted to ask all of you 'know it alls' (in theory) to take a moment from your busy schedule of "knowing it all" to have a read. The book is fast and for the most part combines principles that are effective. The reason I am asking you to do this is because we need some change, quick effective, unilateral changes within or focus group. Lets just say I'm adopting this book until we come up with some of our own self help guides as a culture. We have plenty of books which describe situations, or give way to our plight at the hands of so and so, but what I am talking about is more in the areas of practicle exercise. We can get deep and technical and pitch intellectual theoretics all day long or we can start making our own changes. I'm cool with talking shit just as long as you ready to walk it.

"This brilliantly simple book on the philosophy known as Asset-Based Thinking, instills success-oriented habits in even the most die-hard cynic. Its transformational lessons--conveyed through unique photographic metaphors and inspiring stories from real people--reveal how the slightest shift in perception can lead to monumental results in both business and in life."

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