Unable to relate.


While Stern was winning Red China with Yao Ming, he was losing the red states with Allen Iverson.
There was a part of the nation whom had been unable to get past the tattoos and cornrows, unable to relate.

It is this, the very core of our cultural marginalization, the core of the streamlined mass media proliferated imperialism (yes I'm going there), the utter audacity to attempt to rationalize then reverse rationalize the exploitation of young black men. Unable to get past the tattoos? So now you want your entertainment served up more to you liking (Yessuh missa boss man i wears my sunday bes to da game suh). This is just plain ol ugly ass racism, and you can dress it up anyway you want to, but we all know, ugly is, as ugly does. So with an industry (the NBA) and the media working in tandem to generate revenue, control mechanisms to regulate norms and I don't mean the rules set forth by Mister Stern, I mean the transparent blanket culturally accepted racism we see and hear daily. I mean really, what's wrong with cornrows? Why is it that white people always have to go the hair route, then the dress route, then the how we talk route? What about the black NASCAR fans who are unable to relate to good ol dixie? Ahhh you gotta love the convenience of racism it definitely pays the cost to be the boss...

"Our guys are out there with shorts and a tank top. So, if it's LeBron (James), Dwyane (Wade) and Carmelo (Anthony) on the cover of SI, it's one thing. But if it's Stephen Jackson at a strip club at three in the morning, it's another thing.

This continual state of juxtaposition is the physical manifestation, the faciality of the cultural control device. Its the assemblage and utilization of terms like: I hate Miami (the college football team) because they lack discipline, or Team USA lost because it was lacking fundamentals. This doesn't require any Deluzo analysis to figure out the code, it easy to weave through the feeble attempts at double speak, to witness the new post modern politically correct form of engaging in racism. What's really hood is that you allow this to happen in public, in your very face, and why? So as not to embody the very same traits that those who are "unable to relate" scorn with impunity. Just to show them how you are not "from the ghetto" or you deserve to be treated equal (if only all those cornrowed tattoo clads negro's would follow suit).

"And this is why you fail" because you are attempting to emulate an individual based upon the standards of a system (a system created for and by that individual which provide the measures of control, allowing for the sole proprietary manipulated continual advancement of that individual) in which you have been deemed inferior from the out set... Think about it

It is time to evolve, move past the norm, crack the code (both physically and mentally).