The Black Face Agenda #4: Star search?

Ariz. cop had black men rap away ticket

The officer then tells the men that they can avoid getting a littering ticket "if the two of you just do a little rap about — what do you want to do a rap about? Littering? About the dangers of littering."

The two men agree, and each performs a short rap, laughing afterward. One says, "The dangers of littering, you will get a ticket. If you ain't wit' it, you better be experienced."

The second man raps, "Yo, I just got pulled over 'cause I threw my trash out the window when they rolled over. They got behind me and pulled me over."

Later, Schoville talks football with the men, one of whom agrees with his prediction that the Oakland Raiders will make it to the Super Bowl this year.

Schoville then says, "You know why you say I'm right? Because I got a gun and badge. I'm always right. That's the way it works, right?" The three laugh and the two men get in their car.

Nothing like a good dose of the shuffling negro to put them boys in their place. The good ol' mistrel show on demand. I know somebody some where is gonna make a "joke" about rappers doing that anyways (rapping for the police). This whole system, this entire thought process (white mainstream accepted norms) has gone awry, the open source version of the "politically incorrect" yet hip (are you nuts?) forms of racism are just another glimpse into the ambivalent attitudes about the condition (racism is a disortion/mental condition).
You better ask somebody...