Gone Native

They give you glimpses into the format. Passing moments of flippancy, my mother and I’m sure many others called it being a smart ass. The structure, the architecture, the parameters are given to you. Right straight smack in the face, amidst all of the clutter, all of the noise, taunting your blindness.
Such audacity should not go unpunished.
Remember this…

3X Saddam,

Friend, Foe, Fucked.

Imposed to stop the spread of another ideology.

Bitch got greedy.

Ass whuppin ensues?

Hollywood elevator pitch, history 101 (Saddam shoulda stopped burning those books, or was that Hitler?). Anyways why do all of our “Villains” look like morphed out Orwellian/Zamyatin knockoffs?

How you gonna loose a country? This is some serious Columbian ownage. A long time ago somebody already knew the outcome of this scenario:

We’ll put this goon in to stop this -----> (%)
Because we can control him---->(!)
What if?
Then we remove him-----> (#)
For what?
Don’t ask stupid questions------> ($)

Ownage, Recidivism, Regime Change.
Go study now.

Friend, Foe, Fucked.

3X Saddam