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Caught in the act:
White people being “White”

A Puzzling Trail to USC Baby Death

By Jia-Rui Chong and Rebecca Trounson LA Times Staff Writers

This is typical “white girl” pity.

Ashcraft, who is housed alone, has twice called her mother, crying, from the jail. "Common sense would dictate that a 21-year-old like this doesn't belong in there," the attorney said. "She needs to be with her mother, with people who can help her."

Common sense would dictate that yo stooopid ass shouldn’t throw ya baby in the trash. What up with the doesn’t belong here shit too,Ohh I forgot jail is reserved for Niggas, and Mexicans.

Cam'ron Talks Smack Post-Carjacking
by Josh Grossberg

Cam'ron took a bullet and then unloaded on all would-be assailants.
By Monday, he was already smack talking.
The rapper is recovering at his New York home.

I put these
three sentences up because that’s all this fool really wrote! Shit I need to get me a job at E-Online if shit is like that! And you wonder why HIP HOP cats quick to whip up on some journalistic ass: First of all Josh when you say someone is talking smack you are basically dissing them. 2. If you survive a car jacking you are allowed to talk smack fool! 3. I know yo bitch ass woulda fell the fuck apart if some gun toten niggas ran up on you and told you to “Run yo shit white boy”. So be advised… and if you wanna know how you shoulda wrote the story check out ya boy Jonathan from Billboard, he obviously has experience reporting HIP HOP news.

Rapper Cam'ron out of hospital after shooting
By Jonathan Cohen Mon Oct 24, 5:32 PM ET
NEW YORK (Billboard) - Rapper Cam'ron has returned to New York after being shot early Sunday morning in an apparent attempted carjacking in Washington, D.C.

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