Fantasy Slave League: Yo T.O. Run That Mouf Baby!

What the hell is up! This is some ol Fantasy Football league sabotage on a new level. I know somebody in Vegas is getting rich off of this shit fo real! T.O. got a little loose whit his lips and ol massa done gone an spanked his ass! Now you know I'm really "upset" with this suspension, but on a more serious note this is affecting my Fantasy football League shit in a big ass way. What up with the punish every nigga on earth mentality? aka Roots (beat a niggas ass in front of the whole world shit). Y'all gotta get a new system cause you obviously don’t see that we do shit differently. If you on my team and you fuck up HELL YEAH I"M GONNA LET YOU KNOW that’s how black folks roll. If you don’t believe me just go to yo mama's house and break something yo ass will here about it till the cows come home, that’s how WE DO IT! So to keep this Fantasy Slave shit rolling we need to address some issues! First of all what kinda shit is that when you cant cut a nigga from yo team! If I am gonna play slave owner then you gotta make this shit a little more realistic. Hell IRL when a nigga get to acting up you (White owners) smack them niggas on they ass with a fine, and a good dose of public humiliation.

Yes suh boss I bee's a good nigga and catch dem balls and wear dem suits like you told me too.

Well I guess that shit aint working cuz YT cant control these niggas no more, and now its fuckin with my shit! Thats why this fantasy situation needs some new rules for black folks. I can just see it now a couple owners on the golf course having a conversation about they teams...

Owner #1 Jim what in the hell is wrong with these niggers?
Owner #2 I don’t know John, you give them a couple of million and they still act like monkeys!
Owner #1 They dance and coon after even the most insignificant plays, and the mouths I cant stand it anymore
Owner #2 I know John, I know, there just no controlling these boys
Owner #1 I am tired of it... you give these niggers a chance at a better life and look at what they do!
Owner #2 Might be time to move on...
Owner #1 Yeah I am going back to Baseball.
Owner #2 Yeah I was thinking about that too, I hear that the niggers kinda gave up on that one, hell its time for a new hobby anyways.

So to make things more culturally competitive for us fantasy slave owners I have proposed some new scoring categories based on cultural tendencies to balance the playing field and bring back the excitement to being a fantasy slave owner. No more are the days of hearing your number one player is going down the drain cause he caught a case and YT dropped him for the season. Basically ruining your chances at winning your fantasy slave league. Hey YT, you gotta learn how to incorporate that shit into the game baby! Here is my contribution for the true hardcore fantasy players out there. The Fantasy Slave League Plug-in! That’s it baby the FSL, you can run all of your basic fantasy stats, plus we have a new batch of categories which make you a more culturally competitive slave owner. Check it out!

Fantasy Slave league point legend

Drug bust----25pts (cuz you know a nigga gon get high)
Uppity lip---30pts
Catching a case----50pts
Shoe deal---15pts
Record label-------60 (cuz you know niggas got "Management" skills)
Public apology----75pts
Crying in public----90pts

Raising the rim...
Just like YT did in hoops when niggas started jumping too high, they changed the game. So I propose that we fantasy slave owners do the same. With the FSL plug-in provided above, we have culturally raised the rim to meet the realistic conditions of the modern day uppity niggas in sports, enhancing the whole Fantasy Slave Owner experience. The true beauty of the plug-in is that you can apply these stats to any sport to spice up your league!

Keep it real Son!