Vive La France! Global Ghetto Phenomena: Cops and Robbers, En Francais…

Silent march follows Paris riots

  • The crowds blamed police for the deaths of the two boys, electrocuted when they climbed into an electrical station.
  • Reports say the boys were trying to evade police, but local officials deny they were being chased when they died.
  • Meanwhile the unrest continued for a third night, with nine youths arrested after about 20 cars were set alight.

We all know this scenario:

A black youth dies under “mysterious” conditions involving the police.

The people get really angry and set it off.

Mass Media shows the world the "destruction".

Shit cools off...

Press repeat button.

I just hope that black folk see that this shit isn’t just local. We all gettin the same no matter where. One voice people!

Ca va pas, Non!