Psychological Operations

First things first, why are most kneegroes afraid to talk about white people? I don’t mean in private I mean in public right in the face of whitey. Cats even tone they shit down so its “not to militant” don’t wanna scare whitey. You some funny ass niggas if you think whitey worried about you… betta wake up, who gonna worry about a nigga who “police” they self. Ya’ll better start getting live, and by live I mean anything to get your point “understood”. Its kinda fucked when you get jacked and then whitey like “nigga should have know better” all I can do is shake my head and tip my hat to whitey cuz niggas aint gon do shit.

They call that shit reverse nigga mind control.

For starters niggas know they aint allowed to run at night. We have designated running areas, basketball courts, football fields, tack meets, etc. a nigga runnin any place else is doing some dirt (especially at night).

Which leads me to my next known fact, if a nigga is running round at night and he aint stealing, then he has to be high, or drunk, which means he’s bout to do some foul shit.

Niggas also know they cant pull the I work here shit, nigga is you crazy! If a student ask yo black ass for some ID you better drop them papers son unless you wanna get yo ass beat like an Arab in a Paris subway (and yes nigga I seen it, shit woulda made Rodney King say damn he got his ass BEAT!). Antwi musta missed Dave’s “When Keepin it real goes wrong” cuz this was a definite episode.

Antwi Akom mild mannered college professor by day, heads inside to get some
Work he forgot earlier when he is approached by a rent a cop bitch ass nigga.
At this moment Antwi had 2 options

1. Be the good yes suh nigga (insert shuffle here)

Sometimes you wanna wish shit was better than it was, and since we can get away with makin fun of whitey on TV every now and then we forget how fucked up it really is. Ya’ll niggas suffering from culturally imposed paralysis, which aint nothing but the effects of supremacy (I see your eyes rolling nigga) these niggas (whitey) got the super nigga freeze ray on your little hopes and dreams, and for the most part niggas don’t seem to be doing too much about it. Assimilation aint gonna make shit right, hell cant you see that? So what are we gonna do?
Go back to Africa, (ya’ll know niggas aint hearing that one) so what are we gonna do. Shit whitey getting tired of us whining and shit, putting our lips out, whateva, whateva…
We getting played all over the got damn place, and then we are getting dared to “cry” about it. Sounds like shit aint changed to me… Just like when massa whupped the shit outta tobey in front of 100 strong big black field hand niggas, and we aint do shit about it.
Now that’s what you call a psychological operation,
1. I am gonna beat yo ass
2. I’m gonna tell you to stop crying
3. you gonna try to find a polite method of protest? (WTF!)
How many times do we have to hear the superman, crazy nigga, we was scared for our lives story. “DUDE” fuck you that shit aint funny, FUCK YOU! I like getting profiled, shit I instigate it, when I see a cop I make sure that nigga see my eyes and I put on my good black shit when I’m in the car. I got some new shit fo your ass since you funny ass bitches like flippin the script, I got some reverse profiling fo that ass. Its called being that scary mutha fukca fo real, that nigga who look through yo ass, when you baggin up my food in the store (Bitch I said paper not plastic, you better act like you heard me). Being passive don’t make you look smart? It makes you look like you wanna get yo ass kicked. Be strong, be hard, be demanding, be black, and don’t bother looking back.

Before we go on I’m sure that most of you have heard about the black professor, getting pinched, for running at night, but to exemplify my previous comments lets take a look at some comments from whitey (how do I know they were white? Cause only white people would say some shit like this).

Comment #1
“Without ID I wouldn’t let Almighty God enter the premises.”
Ditto on that. In $20 million computer rooms, I’ve had student assistants POUND on a door to let them in, without a security ID. Hello? This mainframe stuff is expensive and important — y’know? Then, of course, they scream “you’re doing this because I’m (female/gay/Latino/TG/whatever).” No — I’m doing it, because you don’t have your security ID — go back to your desk and get it. Moreover — given the crime rate in SF — why didn’t the professor wait until AM? There’s less crime then. PM is a scary time, to get into an argument, especially with people armed with guns.

Ok we all know black folks don’t say ditto so I’ll just let the ass whuppin commence…

Besides the fact that you would be a bitch ass and leave your students out side pounding on the doors “begging for education” (I bet you $20 they were black too), you had the nerve to mention mainframe. WHO IN THE FUCK IS GONNA STEAL A MAINFRAME, sounds like some ol Rodney King we had to beat his ass cuz the nigga had super human strength shit. Mainframe! nigga they oughtta slap yo ass for saying something that got damn stupid, I thought yo ass was a teacher. Secondly who in the fuck said anything about not having an ID, he went in got a book and came out! What in the fuck does the crime rate have to do with picking up some shit you forgot, sounds like some good ol white boy rationalism. “Nigger you know you aint supposed to be out at night!” And white folks don’t get mad cuz I’m bringin up the funky ass shit you say, fuck you don’t say it! I’m not even gonna bring up the ol heathen ass shit about not letting in all mighty god himself cause obviously he musta been black too for your nasty ass to say some shitty asshole dumb I’m going straight to hell foreva type shit like that. NIGGA YOU STUPID!

Comment #2
This reeks of conspiracy theorists. A person who failed to identify himself and resisted the police gets arrested. If he is black, its now the evidence of “racial profiling” and a lack of “social justice?” Crazy talk. Sheer crazy talk. Run into (almost) any urban university and don’t show ID. Jump the turnstiles. See if you get arrested. Be any skin color — see if it gets you out of it.

Ok this is the cynical, niggas is always crying whitey!
First of all white people do come from another planet and its called America, cuz in America niggas know they better be on they best behavior. In America, if you get stopped and you black, its not a conspiracy its normal, anything else is “SHEER CRAZY TALK” I see white kids do every thing on campus from smoke weed, to run around but ass naked and I couldn’t find a cop for shit, but let me come out of a book store bout 11pm and I bet you there will be 5 ghetto birds, a swat team, Jackie Chan, the X-Men, and the old white lady who called my black ass in for carryin a book in the first degree. DUDE YOUR ANY SKIN COLOR PREMISE IS WEAK AS FUCK, SHIT YOU DON’T EVEN BELIEVE IT, but then again you do come from another planet so that shit may be true.

Comment #3
Do any of you white conservatives who deny racism (except reverse racism) exists have friends in law enforcement? I do and they openly admit there’s a disturbing amount of racism in the ranks.

This is where I put my foot in the ass of whitey who “trying” to be down!
While you cant hate a nigga for his choice of friends I can hate on his funky ass for comments like “Theres a disturbing amount of racism in the ranks” NO FUCKING SHIT WHITEY! I guess you want a nobel prize for that comment huh, I can see yo bitch ass at the café with yo dumb ass “black” friends when you drop this one, I just hope I’m in earshot so I can tear you ass up. Like we (meaning me) really gonna think you cool for taking on white conservatives, don’t talk about it, be about it. Guess yo bitch ass aint seen Mississippi Burning, they (WHITEY) will kill yo little ass too boy, remember the WTO conference in Seattle that was cops killing whitey, killing you! ARE YOU STILL DOWN NOW NIGGA?

Comment #4
I am so frustrated with our society. As a Latino wife of a Caucasian ex-police officer I am so sick of discrimination being the card played. Its more like reverse discrimination. My husband spent many years putting his life on the line to protect everyone regardless of race. However, many times when incidences occurred and it happened to be an incident including someone of another ethnicity he was accused of racial profiling because he is Caucasian. Our whole family consists of different ethnicities but the accusers only saw his brown hair and blue eyes and automatically he was accused of discrimination. Ignorance of the accuser is more like it. Do you really think police officers want to take the time to write a report unless reason is justified. Trust me.. as a wife whose husband missed many holidays and pulled 24 hour shifts to ensure the safety of everyone...The last thing on an officer’s mind is race. Incidents don’t occur without reason. Police don’t respond without me an officer doesn’t want to pull an all nighter writing a report that could have been prevented.

Now before we discuss this woman’s clearly apparent crack usage, I must commend her Caucasian husband’s mind control technique (he musta bought the portable freeze ray).
This bitch starts off with I am so tired of our society like she out there getting her ass beat, dragged by chains, broom stick up yo ass, 57 year old getting a good group ghettofied ass whoopin by cats half yo age in New Orleans type shit. Opps I forgot this bitch is from America… Like I’m supposed to feel sorry for his ass cuz niggas hate cops, bitch you don’t feel sorry for my black ass, so fuck your husband, BITCH THAT SHIT COMES WITH THE TERRITORY, your rules you gotta deal with it. If I cant run at night then I gotta have me a white cop to blame it on! Now your question on writing justified reports, I’m sure you woulda found all kinds of justifications for Rodney King, and the MILLION other niggas who done got they ass beat, killed, or what ever, by mother fuckers who supposed to protect and serve. BITCH YOU CRAZY!!! And I aint being funny, you scary crazy cuz you think I should feel pity fo yo husband, and totally disregard the action of a DEVICE, an institution which has historically been used against me. About your statement “The last thing on a police officer’s mind is race” I have to use a personal reference on this joint; Its 1988 and I am at a high school party in San Diego, the neighborhood is predominantly white yet the party is pretty diverse racially. As with all high school parties the cops show up and blow up the spot. We all begin to head home but I decide to walk (cuz my white homey with the car is pretty fucked up and I aint tryin to be no instructional video). I guess some cats was a little pissed cuz a bottle hit a cop car, but my ass is already half way up the block and rounding the corner when a cop car pulls up from the corner I am turning. Now I don’t know if you know San Diego but like LA and many other cities they have alleys which parallel the streets, so as the car approaches the cops pass a group of white kids and stop at me and ask “WERE YOU THROWING BOTTLES” I was like “NO SIR” cause I was a good kid. Guess these asswipes didn’t get the racial memo cause they was out the car and for some unknown reason walking my ass down a dark alley AWAY FROM THE COP CAR, (they wanted to see my super strength in private I guess) about ten yards down the alley one of the cops started getting a little funky and they both had they hands on they guns now! I was like oh shit these niggas want some revenge for Sagon Penn (just google it nigga and find out) and shit when all of the sudden another cop car turns down the alley I‘m thinking these niggas gonna kill me fo sure. When all of the sudden a cop (female/white) gets out and asks them whats going on and they say I threw a bottle and they were questioning me. She then pulls one of the two about 10 feet away and starts grilling him I couldn’t hear it but she must have out ranked them, what happen next is nothing short of a miracle she the walks up to me, and asks if I threw a bottle I said "no mam" in my best good lil nigga voice, she then cuffed me up and put me in her car. For some crazy ass reason I got lucky and she and her partner another white male took me home. Now were the first 2 bitches gonna fuck me up probably, but I guess I got lucky, real lucky. They should call that shit the ghetto lotto the only problem is when you win the prize is really good ass whoppin. And you wonder why niggas don’t like cops.

So we get back to Mr. Antwi Akom, the only thing you were guilty of my brotha was forgetting we aint from this planet. When you have a natural reflex and question the utter absurdity of culturally imposed paralysis, just be careful, because thinking clearly is not tolerated on this planet.

PS The funniest cop shit I ever saw happened at home with my DAD! This shit had me rolling and still does to this day, Just picture those two cops from Sanford and son at your door and the black cop asks my dad for for some ID (MIND YOU WE ARE IN OUR OWN HOUSE) so my DAD goes "ID huh", and slams the door.

“Crazy talk. Sheer crazy talk”