Return of the Mack

Ok before we commence, I aint saying Happy Thanksgiving cuz I dont wanna offend my Navtive American brotha's and sistas. I will say I am thankful for the opportunity to rip some ass on the net tho, cuz it just needs to be done.

This could fall under "Caught in the act" white people being white, but I try to save that for quick stabs at YT. ViQi French Fever has an excellent example of this on her blog. So if you dont mind ViQi you win the honorary "Caught in the act Moment".

What caught my eyes and ears this NOV 24 as I watch the football game (and get ready to tear the hell outta some turkey) was the Ford commercial. WTF! Return of the mack, ok these niggas done lost they minds. You gotta see this shit, Nigga driving around in a Ford Explorer, In some far away land where only niggas exist and just ballin outta control. Not to say that a Ford Explorer puts you on ballin status, but after watching this shit, you know everyone gone be hatin on yo new whip, as you roll the streets, and yo dumb ass will be all propped up by some nigga mind control. What was extra slick about the marketing is that both teams ATLANTA and DETROIT are some of your largest black consumer bases so the whole "return of the mack marketing scheme" is a no fucking brainer. You know if yo ass is gonna be condescending at least do that shit with some got damn style, hey YT you slippin on yo pimpin.
I can see the meeting now:
We need an ad targeting the black demo, ok Becky what do you have?

We can have a black man in a suit, no tie, but a suit, the sophisticated how do they call it... Baller!

Excellent Becky, Johnathan what about you.

We could televise it during the nigger bowl! Work the percentages, the more niggers we hit the better. You know a lot o niggers are going to be watching this one.

Johnathan thats pure genius!

I could go on but you get my gist. Hell this shit is almost as bad as that Burger King nigga chicken squad shit they was showing on BET. Boy I love me some TV, and you wonder why shits fucked up. We watching indentured servants play sports, and getting nigga mind control (NMC from now on cuz that shit takes to long to peck out) at the same time. Two fo One on a nigga! Now thats what I call mackin!

"Fuck you nigga, cuz I can"