Cast said there was no racist motivation. ''There was nobody here who maliciously put together that combination,'' Cast said by phone from walmart.com's headquarters in Brisbane, Calif. ''I know the person was well-intended in trying to get the 'I Have a Dream' speech out as a cross-sell.''

Walmart.com uses a different system than many other big online vendors to create cross-selling links.

Wal-Mart Web site links 'Planet of Apes,' MLK
January 8, 2006

In the era of Wal Mart I find it hard to believe that an institution with such a logistical fortitude could allow for something like this to happen. I mean really Wal Mart leads the way with JIT (just in time) retailing and holds a vast databank on its consumers purchases allowing for maximum return in every aspect. WAL MART's Knowledge Management system alone is a model that many industries are attempting to follow (But these BITCHES dont share). So how could it be that something like this was allowed to "slip by". Seriously when a rapper comes out with new a album they have to make a WAL MART version... These cats are leading the way in numerous retail trends, the planned utilization of RFID to further increase "productivity" only goes to show you how far ahead of the pack WAL MART actually is. Everytime WAL MART pops up in a black community which aint too often we hear about , what they trying to bring, yadda, yadda, yadda. I remember when they were getting ready to build that one joint right off La Cienega (In L.A. right round the corner from the jungle) and WAL MART was running they mouth like they just came up with the answer to all black folks problems...

Hell if you wanna be all up in my consumer ass info, fuck up my cd's, and run the secret squirrel tag on all the shit I buy, you think I can let this pass as an HONEST MISTAKE!