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The logos of a culture, within which its various aspects cohere. It is the developmental germ/seed of a culture. It is the cultural essence, the ideological core, the matrix of a cultural entity which must be identified in order to make sense of the collective creations of its members.


Culturally structured thought. It is the way in which cognition is determined by a cultural Asili. It is the way in which the thought of members of a culture must be patterned if the Asili is to be fulfilled.

The vital force of a culture, set in motion by the Asili. It is the thrust or energy source of a culture; that which gives it its emotional tone and motivates the collective behavior of its members. Both the Utamawazo and the Utamaroho are born out of the Asili but as its manifestations.

By Marimba Ani

And what is it you see
, that leads you to believe otherwise; that
what is available is of no choice and control of your own? Institutional behavior created and proportionalized for every facet of living, working, learning, well being, entertainment. All consortiums that are conducive to everything we do. You must realize, to truly affect an institution, one must be immersed in, then transcend what is considered to be the norm, in any attempt to comprehend the mechanics behind the system which is in place by the institution. A system which is so elaborate and deliberate in purpose is duanting to say the least, and the ability to maintain the "self" within a system that needs a change agent requires strength, legions of strength in every possible form, aspect, and manner. And this pillar of strength cannot be of the system, it must be organic to the agent, or any attemp to bring about change will be limited to the system by its ability to assimilate the change in a manner beneficial to the institution by which the system is emplaced.
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