The Ghetto, and some other stuff I been sitting on.

Ok so is Todd Shaw some kinda ghetto fortune teller or what? Or is the continual condition we see in or "inner cities" a testament to our inability (as some would say) to rise up, and make our own world a better place. Its been long enough since the story hit the fan so I'll drop a little "McNugget" of an email conversation after Miko hit me up with the Orlando Patterson joint...

A few words on that fool Paterson (bootlickin cosby wanna be giving elitist white kids a funky ass view on top of they funky ass attitudes about what the fuck I should be doing with my life, bitch ass nigga)

" Sociological investigation has found, in fact, that one popular explanation — that black children who do well are derided by fellow blacks for "acting white" — turns out to be largely false, except for those attending a minority of mixed-race schools."
Looks like this fool been on my joint! But what I wanna know is where did he get this "sociologial investigation" from, cause this sounds like some bougie ass liberal bootlickin. This cat is way wrong on this point, cuz i done seen it happen too many times in too many settings, and then he goes on with this shit:
SO why were they flunking out? Their candid answer was that what sociologists call the "cool-pose culture" of young black men was simply too gratifying to give up. For these young men, it was almost like a drug, hanging out on the street after school, shopping and dressing sharply, sexual conquests, party drugs, hip-hop music and culture, the fact that almost all the superstar athletes and a great many of the nation's best entertainers were black.
Now isnt he basically saying that by acting "cool" (in this case accepted as black) that black people are fufilling the very same "sociologial" condition that he said turned out to be largely false earlier? This cat is tripping all over his own feet on this one, fo real tho!
Not only was living this subculture immensely fulfilling, the boys said, it also brought them a great deal of respect from white youths.
So now we got black kids "acting black" to get props from YT! KEEP IT REAL SON!!!
This cat is straight stupid... we need to put this fool on straight blast GHETTO GOLD STYLE fo sho!!!
I call this the Dionysian trap for young black men. The important thing to note about the subculture that ensnares them is that it is not disconnected from the mainstream culture. To the contrary, it has powerful support from some of America's largest corporations. Hip-hop, professional basketball and homeboy fashions are as American as cherry pie. Young white Americans are very much into these things, but selectively; they know when it is time to turn off Fifty Cent and get out the SAT prep book.
When are we gonna get some real shit, Why doesnt this bougie ass nigga break down this "Dionysian Trap" instead of restating the "Cosby Declaration". Yt know when to turn off 50cent WHATEVA!!!!

This is why my ass couldnt go to harvard cuz I'd have to go Gunnar Kaufman on those bitches!!!

"$600 million on a football team and her baby died just like a dope fiend"