GTA: Ghetto Terrain Analysis... Its not a game fool, its real.

The purposes of terrain analysis include visualization, preparation of data for, e.g., hydrological, geomorphological, and biological applications. An example of a visualization is a shaded relief map, which gives an illusion of elevation on a map. An example of a hydrological application is a hydrological simulation model, which converts a time series of rainfall (mm/day) into a time series of river discharge (m3/s, average over a day). An example of a geomorphological application is prediction of landslides possibly occurring in an area. An example of a biological application is a prediction for the locations where some rare species may exist on a study area.

Ok to translate this for the lay person, Terrain Analysis is the process of visualizing the environment around you. Taking your Hood, your stomping grounds, you radial familiar, your habitus, the place which you happen to frequent, and breaking it down into identifiable sub-categories for some mad scientist (an analyst making bout 40 to 60k per year) to figure out all of the possible outcomes for "at risk youth" in our cities (this aint tv nigga this is real).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
A geographic information system (GIS) is a system for management, analysis, and display of spatial knowledge. A GIS links locational (spatial) and database (tabular) information enabling the visualization of patterns, relationships, and trends. GIS technology can be used for development planning, resource management, scientific investigations, asset management, route planning, and cartography.

Translation- A GIS translates and codifies all of the analysis on you would be ghetto entrepreneurs and assists in your timely demise. You ever wonder why they take pictures of your tattoos when they bust your ass, or why they take pics of your ghetto art work you display within the community? Because somewhere, someone is putting them into a database, which in turn is going into a system which analyses the space yo silly ass occupies... In other words they are breaking yo dumb ass down, and they have more money, manpower, resources and time than yo little ass does, so don't wonder how they caught yo dumb ass cuz its only a matter of space, and understanding how individuals like yourself use it.

Now for quite some time I have been meaning to blog on those funky ass road block looking things that just happen to appear on La Cienega Blvd right around Baldwin Hills and Inglewood in Los Angeles (why they gotta envelope the black community?), you know those big ass metal blocks which just seem to be strategically emplaced in the "Hood", when I came across this story on BLDG BLOG:

Interview with Mike Davis: Part 1
I first discovered Mike Davis's work about a decade ago, through his book City of Quartz, a detailed and poetic look at the social geography of Los Angeles. Perhaps most memorably, City of Quartz describes the militarization of public space in LA, from the impenetrable "panic rooms" of Beverly Hills mansions to the shifting ganglands of South Central. Not only does the Los Angeles Police Department use "a geo-synchronous law enforcement satellite" in their literal oversight of the city, but "thousands of residential rooftops have been painted with identifying street numbers, transforming the aerial view of the city into a huge police grid." In Los Angeles today, "carceral structures have become the new frontier of public architecture."

If cats like this know what's going down and write shit about it you might wanna pay attention. These cats (people who impose the systems) got your number before you even punch it and its only getting better (for them). Now combine this regular pattern of activities (this is your dataset: aka shit they use to put yo ass in jail) with all of the other "technology" you think makes your life easier into one system dedicated to putting yo ass way into the penal code. RFID has been well tested, LBS (location based services) has been well tested, and stop crying bout that little chip you saw in Manchurian Candidate cuz the prototype been round for years (that beeper they cuffed to your stoopid ass ankle). Remember this, everything we see or use has probably been funded by some cats who wanna break someone else off someway, somehow. Now for those of you who tend to follow the law of the land, all of this shit applies to your (goodie 2shoes) ass as well. All that GPS shit they talking about and how its gonna "revolutionize" shit in the cell phone world, is nothing but another sub category for some analyst to breakdown your buying habits, your norms, what it is you think choose to do, and provide you with a "choice"
Better wake the fuck up, if they are offering it to the public its been proven "effective" someplace else. How do I know all of this? Lets just say a brother knows a little something about spatial analysis, or in regular terms how to figure out a fools modus operandi.

You better believe these assholes are using all kinds of tools to put your ass deep in the system...