The Blackface Agenda #3: Appropriation, Wiggerism, and other subsidiary intangibles

A look at a collection of videos.

A bit of comedic relief from Eddie Bravo. Quatoof is the story
of a misunderstood white male who just happens to like a few
black things...

"The Wiggers"
A spoof based on the ever popular wiggles guys. This disses
whites for trying to act black.

Ali B: The Life Story
A segment on the quest of a young man to be "down". He
goes on a tour (in his own hood) guided by his Ghetto sherpa.

"Wiggers with Attitude"
NWA Hip Hop parody? Video displays notable Hip Hop Icons,
scenarios, and typical mannerisms.

"Wigout 1 of 2"
Is your kid acting up? Dont worry Snoop has a soul-ution for
you. Its the WIGOUT.

"Wigout 2 of 2"
Another satisfied customer...

Talking ghetto trash
An exchange between to people, these cats are working the
minstrel act hard, only thing missing is the shoepolish.
Youtube keywords: Trash Talk Nigga Wiggers

"Wigger Collection Agency"
If you gonna act black you gonna have to pay taxes for the
appropriation. Another service to help us keep it real.

Wigger Adventures
A fairytale about the Journey of a random wigger on his way
home and his animated GhettoFab encounters.

Cadillac Don
Two young ladies do their rendition of a popular Rap tune.

This collection while no means comprehensive covers a wide range of appropriation. From the out right to the "innocent". We even have our own offerings to police up white folks gone astray... Is the portrayal of "wiggerism" a display/form of black face? The "White Nigger" embodies notions that blackness is something that can be portrayed by people other than black. That "niggerism" is a condition when it is adopted by those not organically endowed with the state of being black (blackness is prerequisite for true niggerism). Just ask Kramer " I am not racist, but they were acting like Niggers"