Shooting Lil Old Ladies???

Police insisted the officers did everything right before entering the home Tuesday evening, despite suggestions from the woman's neighbors and relatives that it was a case of mistaken identity.

The woman, Kathryn Johnston, was the only resident in the house at the time and had lived there for about 17 years, Assistant Chief Alan Dreher said. The officers had a legal warrant, "knocked and announced" before they forced open the door and were justified in shooting once fired upon, he said.

Anyone with 2 bits worth of rational sense could have thought about 10 different ways this could have gone down no matter what was expected on the inside of this house. You got murders to old to execute, but you can SWAT Team, Rambo a 92 year old lady WTF???
I cant wait to hear the rationalizations that pop up from this one, this is way outta control, no excuses, just the usual common disregard for black folk... Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful.
Protect and serve what?