The effects of Racial Geometry in Spatial environments: "Mad at me, I think I know why..."

This entry is best viewed with 50 cent's "Window shopper" playing on repeat in the background for the the real "NLP" experience!!
I been peeping game on the steeze, Nubian been catching some flack as of late, and its starting to piss me off. Lets just say I'm a little selfish but I needs my energy, I feed off of my little community on the web, like minds help the cause, but suckas keep hating. Really this is about space, vehicles, orbits and planes, if you wanna break shit down to the LCD. Veiled utilizations of the Anti-Nigger Machine not with standing, how in the fuck is anyone gonna tell some one else how to run they operating system?

If you niggas who don't like Nubians stance, maybe (just sometimes) its better to shut the fuck up and try to learn a lil something, instead of trying to be the FACILITATOR. like you the only niggas who know how to run shit, right now looks like all you running is ya mouth...

Space: This is quantification of thoughts translated into data and registered across many environments. This is the shit we occupy the place where we interact in all forms, virtual, physical, actual, and perceived. Nubians space was her mind which in turn she expanded/amplified via the net. She started taking up space, cultural/social bandwidth, which went against the grain of those occupying said space. So now we got a gang of "white liberal lesbians" trying to flip the script on somebody, check the technique: coercion is coercion no matter what the guise. You think black males got it bad, well lets just say "black lesbians" are right behind us on the shits-fucked-up-o-meter, and spare me the condescending ass "victimology" bit cause I will slap that ass... How you gonna tell me how to clean my house, fool don't you know how we roll, we tend to do shit a lil different round here: I aint never been in a white persons house who had the ol' "plastic on the couch move". Shit that was a staple and still is in some parts of the black community. This is shit you haven't even been exposed to, so how you gonna run ya mouth? What ya doing is window shopping for your next Vehicle.

Vehicle: The vessel you "use" to traverse the space you wish to cross. In this case a particular "sect" saw an "opportunity" to expand their constituency. Thinking that this vehicle if approached under common terms my adopt the "cause" of the facilitator. The "cause" is based on the premise of your motives (see my anti -nigger machine break down on the left and the right) and as long as said vehicle works within the parameters you can incorporate it into your overall schema. This also works well for the vehicle (to some extent) because they now have a "credible support mechanism" (white support mechanism) to voice agendas (as long as this shit falls in line with the MF's parameters).

Orbits: The path of the vehicle has to be predictable... As long as the FACILITATOR knows your flight path he can work you, according to his/her needs in "SPACE". The space for many within our culture is extremely limited, so it is rather easy for a facilitator (white liberal lesbian) to "predict" (dictate) how you should move in "space" (their space).

Planes: Nubians stance "that race trumps sexual orientation" is absolutely true. the "plane" is race. I'll say that again, the plane is race. Lets take a look at this closely, black "gay" males are quantified for the most part on a racial basis (especially in the mainstream). Terms like the DL give way to the faciality of the intended culture. White people aren't on the "down low" they "come out of the closet" (I know this is a term used for ID'ing your sexuality to the public used by both races but white's don't use the DL terminology/plug in). If you take a look at the racially identifiable comments that Nubian has posted about her interactions with white people and their perceptions of her you hear the exact same things you do when you talk about "straight" black women (at least with white people). The point is race puts you on a plane within the space of human activity, and while we all share the same activities (for the most part) race does dictate the ability to expand within the space we all "share".

Black folks: We need to embrace all of our people. We cannot afford to isolate anyone on the "plane".

White folks: Stop, Listen, Learn...

whitey: I just broke yo punk ass down with a 50 cent verse, how ironic is that? Put them shits in ya Anti-Nigger Machine BEEOTCH!

I'm up out this Piece, top down, 2 fingers in the breeze...
"Mad as fuck when ya see me ride by"