Final Notes on Dave Chappelle, Transformational Leadership is a hell of a thang.

Transformational leaders present to the followers the vision and its high ideals and values and encourage and help followers to incorporate these in their lives. The resulting internalization by the followers of the leader's ideals and values is the basis for the followers' enhanced commitment, efforts, and actions toward the realization of the vision. Although transformational leaders also engaged in transactional type behaviors, the characteristics of behaviors that were primarily responsible for the followers' internalization of the vision have been identified as charismatic- that is, engendering faith in and trust of the leader; consideration of or sensitivity to followers' needs; a statement of the vision in a manner that causes followers to reassess their priorities and activities.
pg 23-24
So it seems we "cant win for losing". In an era where black achievements are critiqued in every way shape or form, it would appear that any anomaly that the mainstream hasnt incoporated into the Anti Nigger Machine is regarded as "Crazy".
Since when did standing up for your principles become crazy? When a black man walks away from 50 mil. everyone thinks he's crazy, but if Dave hadda took the dough he woulda been another "greedy nigger", like all the rest of the overpaid atheletes, entertainers etc. Once again this predictabilty is beyond elementary. Why is Dave crazy for going to Africa to blow off some steam? White folks been doing it for decades, you dont hear anyone calling Brad and Angelina crazy!? So he comes home and goes into kick it mode with his peoples, again what so crazy about that? Next he goes on TV and explains why he walked away, but most of you cant get past the 50 million dollars, FUCK 50 million dollars. You dont need money to be rich bitch!!!
Wake the fuck up!
Yo Dave holla at ya boy son!!!
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