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The videos listed below represent a snipet of what I was able to find on youtube in relation to adoption. My only inputs were the word Adoption placed in the search bar. I came up with some interesting returns, China is definately producing some happy families for those in the west, while the rest of the world (at least those representing on youtube) are way behind, waaaaay behind. I was hard pressed to find video stories of any kind on black children (all of them) period. If this is some thing that is of interest to you please read more at:

Rachels Tavern

One way to look at racism is to think of adoption as an industry. While adoption agencies may be full of well meaning people, adoption is a market, like it or not. In the adoption market children are the commodity, and these commodities are assign monetary values. Sociologist Amanda Lewis has studied race in the adoption industry. In a presentation I saw in 2004, Lewis noted that Black children are put into a separate category in most adoption agencies. Lewis also found that the prices quoted for adopting Black children were significantly lower than those assigned to white children. In the adoption industry, healthy white babies are in high demand and low supply. I hate using economic language to talk about children in the ways that we talk about cars, jewels, or houses, but racism assigns a higher value to white babies. While love is certainly important in the adoption process, money and power are also important. There are more whites who want to adopt white babies and have the financial means to do so. Unfortunately, in some cases white families decide to adopt black children when they are unable to find or afford a healthy white child.

Talking about adoption.

Subject shares her experiences as a foster parent and goes into some detail about the process of becoming one.

Our Gotcha Day

Another of the many (on youtube) stories about families adopting from China, the title caught me a little of guard until after viewing several video's I saw that this was a particular term used in international adoption (or at least in China).

Bring me hope

The Chinese videomercial for adoption. Very polished and tailored to a specific audience (guess who?)...

Mia Rene: The Road Home

A South American Story. This appears to be a personal account of 2 people adopting a baby girl from Guatemala.

New Life Home

This is a story on the New Life Home, I am positive I have seen this one BET on Sunday afternoon during the paid programming sessions.

The Adoption of Shen

More from China. Notice the adoption center scenes quite a few white people in the waiting room...

Gay Adoption: Colbert Quickie

Colbert being Colbert.

Haiti adoption

The second of a very few Black adoption stories that I found.

Losing Isaiah

This is the court room scene where Sam works his way through the "love is blind" defense/stance/approach/method. Question, why do we have to playout every funky ass streotype imaginable in this movie?

Once again this was/is a continuation of my blog entry on the NYT Transracial Adoption piece, and after reading Rachel's take I decided to revisit this from the experiences of others via youtube. Your thoughts would be appreciated...